OCT 2018

MMTC-PAMP India Receives Award for Excellence at the 2013 India International Gold Convention

Sep 2013

At this year's India International Gold Convention (IIGC), MMTC-PAMP was honored with the 2013 Award for Excellence as an Emerging Refinery. David Gornall, chairman of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), presented the award.

“Building a world-class refinery in India requires vision and forethought, impeccable execution,” read the citation accompanying the award. “MMTC-PAMP India has shown exemplary leadership in this direction by creating the first large scale bullion refinery in India that is safe, scalable, environmentally sustainable and responsible.The first IIGC was held in 2004 as a domestic conference. One decade later, the convention has grown into a world-renowned event, serving as a highly significant forum for bullion industry representatives from all over the globe. The IIGC provides a platform for panel discussions, master class sessions, exhibitions and one-on-one business meetings.  More than 500 delegates and 22 exhibitors from India and abroad participated in this year's convention, which was held in Jaipur on August 16th through the18th.


MMTC-PAMP India is truly humbled by the award, and thanks the IIGC for the honorable distinction.