OCT 2018

Two Water Purification Machines Installed at Mewat Model Schools.

Oct 2015


MMTC-PAMP  commissioned two water  purification – cum –  dispensing machines installed at Mewat Model  Schools at Punhana,  District Mewat.  Each  machine has a capacity of  250 LPH and provision for  dispensing cold drinking  water. The above-mentioned locations have the worst water in the Mewat region.

The highly energy efficient SEBWD2800-SAS is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification system consumes only about half the energy compared to a conventional RO system of similar capacity. Designed to produce RO water at maximum possible recovery rates, it minimizes water wastage. It consists of water softener and two pre filtration devices.  The system removes metal contaminants as well as virus and bacteria for high quality sweet drinking water.

MMTC-PAMP will be installing 7 more water purification machines at Mewat Model School, Tauru, Firozpur, Zhirka (2 each), 1 at Mewat Model School, Nuh, 1 at Mewat Model Girls Public School, Ghati and 1 machine at Civil Hospital, Mandikheda.